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“This bike has modified, 1st generation of Yamaha Cygnus. After riding for 2km, the engine temperature was 101.3 ℃. After adding XSNANO gasoline additive, the temperature dropped to 97.2 ℃. The bike was faster than before and no delay on respond.”

Hong Xiang Service / Yamaha Cygnus 1st gen

“Less than 5km can clean the carbon deposits, the acceleration become smooth, obviously improving the engine. “

Jun Sheng Motor / SYM Z1

“ Water cooling engine S-Max, I think there should be no difference. As a result, the temperature of the cylinder head was 69.1℃ after riding back, after adding XSNANO, the temperature of the cylinder head dropped to 63℃ on the same journey. The throttle response is sensitive, and it becomes very powerful.”

Show Modifizierte Fabrik / Yamaha S-Max

“ After using XSNANO, when riding uphill it become powerful and the throttle was fast responsive. After riding 8km, The carbon deposits on the spark plug was clear, really amazing! ”

Wu Feng Motor / Yamaha BWS 125

“Obviously, there is a lot of improvement in torque, and the power is very satisfactory.”

Proma Motor / Yamaha Cygnus 4th Gen (modified)

“ There is a good feeling of acceleration and I feel that it saves more than half of the fuel. As a modified motorcycle can still be so fuel-efficient. This is a very magical. While improving the combustion efficiency, the temperature of the engine can still be low, which is really awesome!”

Ko Ji Motor / Yamaha Cygnus 4th Gen (modified)

“ After using XSNANO, there is a very good feeling of acceleration, and I immediately go for a exhaust inspection test. This modified motorcycle result is almost the same as the factory stock model, which is very beneficial.”

Qing Yuan Motor / PGO Tigra 150