Q1: Do I have to use one box at a time?

A:There are 6 bottles in a box, 5ml each. The number of liters corresponding to 5ml of fuel (gasoline or diesel) is 50 ~ 80 liters.

Q2: Can I only purchase one bottle?


Q3: Is it effective only using one bottle?

A:Of course it effective, but only limited effect.

Q4: The manual written use six times in a row. What does it mean?

A:As a result of our long-term testing in Europe, after using six times in a row, remove carbon deposits, clean injectors clogged, restore              original power and performance, and reduce the carbon dioxide and other exhaust emissions by more than 20% on average.

Q5: Is XSNANO added before or after refueling?

A:Add to the fuel tank before refueling。

Q6: What is the effect of using this additive?

A:Remove carbon deposits in injectors, fuel system, and combustion chamber, and restore the power of the engine.

Q7: Is XSNANO helpful to fuel saving?

A:After long-term testing in Europe, fuel savings can reach 10%~28%.

Q8: Should I continue to use it after I have finish a box ?

A:Recommended to use continuous, as XSNANO can keep your car youth.

Q9: Is this FERRARI approved?

A:We are Global Strategic Partner of Ferrari.

Q10: What’s the different from other gasoline additive?

A:Most of the gasoline are octane additives. XSNANO is the first physical additive in the world. It removes carbon deposits and clean                  injector clogged with physical characteristics.

Q11: Will XSNANO cause any negative effect to my car if I increase the ratio of using?

A:No, increasing the ratio of XSNANO will not causing any damage to your vehicle or its parts.

Q12: Will it be better to add two or more bottles at a time?

A:The effect will be better, and your vehicle have the effective faster.

Q13: Will XSNANO reach into the fuel tank if added in small amounts?

A:Recommend adding it before refueling. It can be flushed into the fuel tank by adding fuel.

Q14: How often do I have to use?

A:Use XSNANO before each refueling.